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MapNH Health brings together actionable and projections-based data to inform public policy and community conversations about the future of New Hampshire’s health. If we understand how our population, health behaviors and outcomes, cost of care, and access to health care will change over time, we can start a conversation about how to meet New Hampshire’s future health and health care needs.

MapNH Health is the result of collaborative planning across New Hampshire, led by the NH Citizens Health Initiative, to examine the current and future health and health system needs in the state. Using existing data and drawing on other planning efforts, MapNH Health spans all sectors that influence the health of our population: health care, health systems, social services, and state and regional economics.

MapNH Health is a project of the NH Citizens Health Initiative, a program of the University of New Hampshire's Institute for Health Policy and Practice. More information can be found at www.citizenshealthinitiative.org.

How to Use This Site

MapNH Health is intended to be a catalyst for public and policy conversations about the future of New Hampshire’s health and its health and related service systems, given the demographic changes that are projected. Use the interactive maps to click on regions or topics of interest. MapNH Health maps have data and information displayed at the State, County and Health Service Area levels. 

Methodologies and Resources

Methodologies and resources for all of the projections on this site are available here

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If you have questions or would like more information about MapNH Health, contact us at: info@mapnhhealth.org or (603) 862-0970

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Endowment for Health, AARP, NH DHHS

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